David Clegg

David Clegg

National Relationships Manager​

David provides Astute Property Network and its partners with over 30 years of experience in financial services and direct property.

Working with both major institutions and smaller boutique companies and with a strong record of success as a mentor in all areas of business development, he holds a Diploma in Financial Services and is always looking to help affiliates grow their businesses with diverse offerings to their clients.

David has presented at many investment expos at a national level and possesses the talent and knowledge to breakdown the numbers involved with property in an easily understood manner.

When not talking property, David keeps fit but is one to admit he also enjoys a top meal accompanied by a 95 point shiraz.

A couple of other things:

  • David is held in high esteem by his peers as someone who always communicates well with his business partners so they are clear on the progress of mutual clients.
  • He has three teenage boys who keep him on his toes. (Ask him about the one who wants to be a maths teacher).
  • David still plays high level touch football albeit at a slower pace these days.
  • Is excellent at helping partners understand and integrate a diverse property offering into their business.

Contact David for a coffee or shiraz here.

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