Alex Minter

Alex Minter

Director & Buyers Agent

For as long as I can remember, I have had a burning desire and vision to be able to provide a product, service, value proposition and trusted brand to individuals, couples, families, communities, businesses, organisations and whomever else I am able to assist with my experience, knowledge and networks.

With these values, goals, a reason why and a bit of courage all at play, the decision was made to create an organisation that is able to provide a trusted service based on exceptional quality, integrity, care, giving back and genuine interest to help people.

Our aim is to provide a trusted brand specializing in property education and acquisition to clients of businesses within the financial services industry. We do this by helping identify suitable strategy and provide guidance in the space of property investment to the clients of our channel partner networks.

Being a trusted property organisation in the financial services industry fuels our passion to continue to improve every aspect of our business and continue to consistently deliver well researched, diverse property options throughout Australia.

We work hard on bringing people’s dreams to fruition. Because investing is more than just a financial outcome. Its freedom, it’s the opportunity to create, it’s helping your family, it’s the feeling of independence, it determines how we live now and where we are heading, it’s the opportunity to give back and it is building the foundation to live on your terms.

This is why we do what we do!

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