Independent Research

Every single service we provide to both our clientele and channel partners is underpinned by strategy. Research is at the core of every property acquisition decision we help make for our clientele and while every client who engages us will naturally have access to and benefit from our research capabilities through our property acquisition process, we also have the unique ability to provide more tailored, bespoke research analysis if desired by our clients, networks and industry partners.

Our ability to provide this exclusive service exists given our access to the best data, information, analysis and expert property researchers and advisors in the country. Examples of such research could include project analysis/profiling, project market feasibility studies, detailed supply/demand assessments, demographic profiling/mapping and in-depth market drivers/trends analysis.

If you are a property organisation, developer, investor, channel partner or even just have an interest in a particular market, our expert research division can help you effectively navigate potential opportunities, risks and market drivers in your locations of interest.

For further details and pricing, please fill in the contact form below and we will be in touch to discuss your specific requirements.


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