Partner Program

Astute Property Network operates under an aligned approach with mortgage brokers, mortgage aggregators, financial planning businesses and their dealer groups along with accounting firms and other organisations operating within the financial services industry nationally.

When working with investors, both seasoned and beginner, we provide an integrated property education and acquisition service focusing on designing and delivering portfolios which maximise the clienteles potential for wealth creation.

When working with those on their journey to find their ideal home or a specific property in their desired location, we provide a range of buyers agent services from locating, negotiating and settling through to representing the buyer at auction. Find a full range of our services here.

When servicing the clientele of our channel partners, we understand and believe we are a representation and an extension of their businesses. Guided by our understanding of property and integrity, we commit to providing an ethical, transparent service that fits within the business models of our partners.

To understand more about how we are able to provide this added service to your business, contact us here.

We look forward to working with you.

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