having or showing an ability to accurately assess situations or people and turn this to one’s advantage.

Astute Property Network is a holistic property advisory focused on working closely with clients to gain an understanding of their needs and developing appropriate investment criteria and strategy. With a philosophy of 100% client focus, our primary concern is to educate and advise by creating tailored investment strategies for our clientele.

Astute Property Network, founded by director Alex Minter, is home to a wealth of knowledge and expertise in property investment and acquisition. For the past nine years Alex has followed his passions for helping people and navigating the competitive property industry, having direct involvement in the space of independent property acquisition. He has worked for one of the fastest growing and most awarded developers in Australia whilst at the same time helping people build their property portfolios and ultimately wealth. During this time, Alex has built foundations for strong relationships with mortgage brokers, finance professionals, financial advisers, accountants, developers, agents, property coaches and a plethora of other influential people in the field. This has provided Alex and his team with an edge for both advance knowledge and rare opportunities for prime investment.

Given his illustrious career in property and wealth creation, Alex aims to work closely with his clients to ensure that he accurately identifies appropriate strategies to ensure the optimal value of assets are attained through superior transaction and management.

Alex and his team deliver a personal and family orientated service, which, through the journey of building wealth, aims to (and perhaps more importantly) build long lasting client focused relationships.

Astute Property Network, has built a character to reflect the highest standard of customer service and invites you to experience the rewards that come from a successful property acquisition relationship.


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