Astute Property Network has assisted many on the journey to finding their dream home. From an excited first home buyer to a discerning down-sizer, we can assist you in finding the right space to call yours.

Astute Property Network can assist you in developing a sound property investment strategy tailored to your lifestyle and budget. Whether you’re a first time investor or looking to expand your portfolio, we are here to offer tailored advice and guidance at your pace.

At Astute Property Network, we work with some of the countries most experienced SMSF specialists. Extensive knowledge of compliance, SMSF requirements and tax structures is crucial when selecting a property to fit within your SMSF portfolio. Acquiring a property for your SMSF requires a specialist acquisition service and we are here to assist.

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Who We Are

A property advisory and acquisition network, focusing on designing and delivering portfolios which maximise client potential for wealth creation. Active in accurately defining and identifying appropriate strategies to ensure optimal value of assets are attained through superior transaction and management.

Our Vision

“Continue to be the trusted property advisor of choice to help create a better life for others through ethical property investment.”

What We Do Differently

“To understand this is to understand our values, these values direct our behaviour and are at the core of every Astute decision made.”

Family First

“In our own life, business and when providing guidance to others, this will unashamedly always remain front and centre; we are happy to be judged on this.”

Authentic Customer Service

“We will never be the biggest because we want to be our best; this means personalised customer service and genuine follow up you would expect from an empathetic person who has your best interests at heart.”

Teaching Others

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Financial Freedom

“Achieving financial freedom provides greater choices and opportunity for families in life; we strive for this in our own life and are driven to assist others also on this journey.”

Relationship Over Transaction

“Whilst saying no is hard, sometimes it is not in the best interest of our clients and their family to proceed with investing in property at a given time; we are not afraid to have this tough conversation.”

Alex Minter

Founder | Managing Director

For as long as I can remember, I have had a burning desire and vision to be able to provide a product, service, value proposition and trusted brand to individuals, couples, families, communities, businesses, organisations and whomever else I am able to assist with my experience, knowledge and networks.

With these values, goals, a reason why and a bit of courage all at play, the decision was made to create an organisation that is able to provide a trusted service based on exceptional quality, integrity, care, giving back and genuine interest to help people.

Our aim is to provide a trusted brand specializing in property education and acquisition to clients of businesses within the financial services industry. We do this by helping identify suitable strategy and provide guidance in the space of property investment to the clients of our channel partner networks.

Being a trusted property organisation in the financial services industry fuels our passion to continue to improve every aspect of our business and continue to consistently deliver well researched, diverse property options throughout Australia.

We work hard on bringing people’s dreams to fruition. Because investing is more than just a financial outcome. Its freedom, it’s the opportunity to create, it’s helping your family, it’s the feeling of independence, it determines how we live now and where we are heading, it’s the opportunity to give back and it is building the foundation to live on your terms.

This is why we do what we do!

Australia's Peak Association for Property Investment Professionals

Astute Property Network are members of PIPA.

PIPA (Property Investment Professionals of Australia) has been formed by industry practitioners with the objective of representing and raising the professional standards of all operators involved in property investment.

By developing codes of ethics and conduct, and professional standards of accreditation and education, PIPA members demonstrate to the investing public, government, regulators, the media and other stakeholders within the property investment industry their commitment to excellence.

The Property Investment Professionals of Australia Association is the peak industry body developed to bring about standards and accreditation in the Property Investment Industry. As members we are committed to fostering best practice by raising standards and facilitating professional development and market integrity. As members we will continue to monitor the Property Investment Industry, ensure we are committed to disclosure, education and honest practice and seek to bring education and information to consumers and property professionals alike.



We are passionate about supporting community initiatives including sponsoring and helping disadvantaged Australian children to get the most out of their education, so they can create better futures for themselves.

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